Same players, different game.

Isn’t it ‘peculiar’ how the same names keep coming up time and time again?   CIA and MOSSAD are names well known, particularly when it comes to covert action and destablising governments. Their modus operandi is well known, with those of the ‘false flag’ variety being a perennial favourite.   For their latest efforts, one … Continue reading

West vs The Rest: Which version of spin do you believe?

The acts of terrorism unfolding every day in Libya are deeply disturbing. Deeply disturbing.   Logic and law dictates that the daily atrocities committed by NATO, the CIA and TNC  should not only be repelled by the world for the heinous acts of aggression they are, but also tried as War Crimes, with the perpetrators … Continue reading

What happens to Libya, happens to you.

No apologies; this is a ‘rip and read’ post.   I have come to the conclusion that what is now happening in Libya, impacts on us all. If we allow, through our tacit agreement, granted by a apathy and silence, to condone the acts of Terrorism conducted by NATO, CIA and the TNC, then we … Continue reading

Western Democracy: when your vote means nothing.

I’m on a bit of a ‘mission’ lately; exposing the EU as a malignant cancer and a stepping stone for the political elite in its Enclosure efforts of the entire planet, to create one single Union, governed by one ‘local’ council. Make no mistake; that is the ‘end game’.     Enclosure has been done … Continue reading

‘No’ is temporary; ‘Yes’ is forever.

Read my [blog] lips; the EU is a malignant cancer.   It is Fabianesque Gradualism at its worst.   I’ve already posted information on its origins previously, when highlighting the process of Enclosure in History’s Greatest Swindle?   I’ve also been fairly cynical about the role of Mainstream Media. However, there are times when absolute … Continue reading

Better to go Hungary than eat Monsanto food.

Bully boys Monsanto were recently given a tap on the nose by a Hungarian flyweight.   It won’t leave them bloodied. I dare say it won’t even leave them teary eyed. More a little startled and rudely awoken from their arrogant apathy. One punch does not a boxing match make, but at least there are … Continue reading

U.S Treasury Bonds? Or invest in a small hotel?

The big news last week was the downgrading of U.S Treasury Bonds from their AAA rating to AA+. It’s significance was not lost on the market, nor was the message it sent. It was met with as much bluster and bravado as one would expect; from Alan Greenspan‘s “the U.S can print as much money … Continue reading

Terrorist attack on Zliten: questions that demand answers.

In every conflict, there is a tipping point. It might be a specific battle, a particular event, a negotiated agreement, a pact; it takes various forms, but signifies a moment in time when there is a momentum shift.   I hope and pray, with every fibre in my being, that August 09th 2011 is the … Continue reading

Anonymous vs. Facebook … fact or fiction?

The internet seems to be buzzing with word that ‘the gloves are off’; hacktivist group, Anonymous, has essentially thrown down the gauntlet to networking behemoth, Facebook, announcing its destruction on November 5th. Has it … really? It does seem, prima facie, to be ‘a bridge too far’ for Anonymous. Facebook isn’t so much a centralised … Continue reading

Friendly fire … or false flag?

Breaking news across the State Propaganda Network [a.k.a mainstream media] … The IPCC ‘may have misled’ media over Duggan shooting. Let’s let that headline sink in for a moment. If the media has been misled, you know without a shadow of a doubt, the public has been misled. That’s a given. Taken from;   … Continue reading