Phoenix Rising

IF the collapse of the USD is inevitable [which it probably is], THEN there is an option for us in the ‘solution’ phase that we can consider, that those instrumental in bring the collapse, can not do anything about.

Refuse to recognise whatever is brought in to replace it.

Seriously – the power on this one is 100% in our hands … all that is required is for enough people to realise it; for critical mass to be achieved to determine the result of the tipping point being tipped.

IF those who are bringing about the collapse were to usher in [for example] the ‘Globies’ as the new currency … THEN simply refuse to accept ‘Globies’ as a means of exchange and ‘Globies’ fail to materialise.

In other words, show no confidence in the offer.
Do not convey your faith in to it.
Refuse it, reject it, give it no value.

If every one refused the Globie, it would have zero value.
That is an undeniable fact.

It would not matter what ‘they’ told you.
“the Globie is worth USD 1 … it’s a 1:1 exchange, to protect your funds … ”


IF I do not accept the exchange being offered,
THEN it is worth nothing.

I don’t recognise the Globie, I don’t want the Globie, the Globie has no value to me.
It is NOT backed by my ‘full faith and credit’.

Recognise that phrase?
The ‘full faith and credit’ of the people?
Do you now fully comprehend its signifigance and power?

We hold the power – we always have.
The entire global financial system relies on our ‘full faith and credit’.
When the ‘faith and credit’ goes – when there is no confidence – there is no financial system.

Look around you. Do you see a financial system that is failing? Can you sense the diminishing confidence? Is it enjoying your ‘full faith and credit’? Or is it merely an elaborate confidence game – a Ponzi scheme – eating itself?

You really need to recognise this, grasp it and value it.

The entire system is built on your back, with your sweat, your efforts, your faith and your confidence. Without your input, without your equity – none of it is possible. None of it.

There is nothing without your equity.
Are you going to be told what you can and can not accept for your equity?

“You must accept ‘x’ amount of Globies for your labour”

Fuck off.
It’s MY labour; I’ll decide what I can and can not accept for it.

I don’t want your worthless pieces of shit called Globies.
In fact, I refuse to accept any meaningless token you throw my way, that is in any way connected to central banks, usary and a political elite. You can stick your whole Globie system up your ass.

It’s MY equity … any action I execute is because I am the Executor of MY mind and the actions it dictates MY body to follow.

Your worthless tokens of value have no purchase with MY mind.
It is not moved by your offer.
Your tokens do not influence MY mind.
There will be no exchange of my sweat equity for your crappy tokens; you want a piece of MY equity? Then you need to bring something I value to the table … not what you promote as having value, but something that I value.

You want MY equity? My labour? My effort? Then you had better bring something to the table that I perceive to have value and worthy of the exchange. You want ME to help you produce? You want me to contribute to your ‘profit’? Then bring me something of value, or quite simply, there is no supply of labour.

It is a very simple case of supply and demand.

We have the equity.
We have the power.
We always have.

They KNOW it … now we KNOW it.
“Backed by the full faith and credit of the people”

Recognise it.
Value it:
Don’t ever be manipulated into selling it short again.

What ‘they’ see as their solution, becomes ours.
They want Problem, Reaction, Solution?

Bring it on!

But when there is Problem, Reaction, Solution, WITHOUT FEAR, then the dynamics change.

When a P-R-S model is introduced to the people, who come with unrecognised knowledge and competence, then it all goes horribly wrong for the architect, because the presumption was that fear existed.

The model was constructed with a presumption as its foundation; that the reaction would be ‘A’, when WITHOUT THAT FEAR, the reaction is [in reality] ‘B’. In other words, the desired Solution doesn’t actually exist. The sums are wrong.

Problem + [presumed] Reaction [does not] = [desired] Solution

… when the presumption is either wrong or rejected.

Problem, Reaction, Solution … without their presumption of fear actually becomes an OPPORTUNITY to determine which solution is accepted. Change the equation, you change the result.

That’s an important concept to grasp; crucial in fact.
So crucial, I’m going to repeat it for emphasis;

Problem + [presumed] Reaction [does not] = [desired] Solution

… when the presumption is either wrong or rejected.

The Problem and Reaction phases are the burning and clearing … what you have left are the charred remains of the vineyard.
What then grows and replaces that which stood can either be as they want accepted, as planned … OR … we change the dynamics.

Any and any proposed solution requires acceptance for its implementation.

If we do not accept it, it doesn’t take hold.
It isn’t a solution unless it has agreement.
Think about that – really consider it – it is hugely significant.

They can set fire to it … they can destroy and demolish it … but until we agree to build it back up, they are very few in numbers and can not do it themselves. This is when the ‘political elite’ are absolutely at their weakest, because for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes, we have to agree to release the Phoenix.

And in any proposed ‘solution’, our equity and agreement is the Phoenix.


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