Life’s a riot: what a capital idea!

The images of the London riots are there for all to see, as a shocking testament to where we find ourselves now.

Economic crisis, austerity measures, diminishing confidence in the police, politicians and the legal system; it’s essentially a breakdown of society as it awakens to the disappointment of an ineffective, bloated State, bursting at the seams. Law & Order, like banking before it, is losing it’s ‘faith and credit of the people’.

Tired of double-speak and double-standards from double-dipping politicians, a small group has taken to the streets to show in no uncertain terms that we’re a mere Molotov cocktail away from war in the suburbs. The police are mere token gestures of a state-in-control; hopeless bystanders to the overwhelming power and force of events and mood that engulfs them in flame and anger.

But let’s not make martyrs and heroes out of villains and vandals.

Just as there is no excusing the pandemic ineptitude of our alleged ‘leaders’; there is no justification for wholesale destruction of property and looting.

Rather than viewing the events for the events themselves, we need to view it more as a symptom of an aggressive Cancer, consuming its host. The world is a very different place to the one we were raised and the one we imagined raising our children in. The undertone of distrust and contempt acts as an omnipresent dissonance beneath a veneer lifting at its extremities.

Immigration, cost-of-living, unemployment; whilst issues which are a simple reality of modern living, when experienced under the magnification of world events, these common molehills become mountains.

We can’t look to our politicians for help; they’re devoid of solutions.

Hopeless, helpless and hapless – the State’s Three Stooges.

While politicians have always had an element of being ‘out of touch with their constituents’, this sorry bunch take that to interstellar proportions. One only needs to reflect for a nano second on issues such as Bank Bailouts, Parliamentary Expenses and the EU in all its guises, to confirm this cataclysmic rift between those that haver and those that haver not.

That the UK is not alone in the total void of political common sense is no comfort.

It would seem the Stupidity Virus amongst those charged with statesmanship has reached pandemic proportions, with no signs of a cure on the near horizon, or indeed, the distant one. If they were bovine, their Foot In Mouth tendencies would be met with zero tolerance. Quarantined, slaughtered and thrown into a ditch, with a warming aperitif of petrol inferno would be their fate; many would suggest not before time.

What the hell is NATO doing in Libya?

That’s just ONE question that comes immediately to mind. It’s a nonsense.

Alan Greenspan, on the back of U.S Treasury Bonds being downgraded below their

triple-A rating for the first time in history suggests [paraphrased]; “the U.S will never default on its debts, it can just print more money.”

Faced with growing financial tensions across the EU and the bitter taste of broken election promises and reneged referenda still inducing bile throughout the UK, DJ Dizzy Dave tells the people to ‘bend over and take it’ by informing them they had their EU referendum 36 years ago. Well Dave, that would exclude every voter under the age of 55 and leave you appealing to a group of OAP’s and soon-to-be’s, who are watching in horror as you raise retirement ages, rape and pillage pension funds and remove social services … so it might be a little unwise to place all your rotten eggs in THAT basket. However, marginalisation of electorate aside for one moment; the ‘vote’ held 36 years ago was on joining the EEC, not delivering a mandate to an illegitimate European Parliament and Legal behemoth. The vote was for extending Trade, not for surrendering sovereign powers. [See. Stupidity Virus, disconnect of interstellar proportions, Foot in Mouth]

I could continue … ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

This brings us to the intersection of the dissonance and the ineptitude, where worlds collide and political policy is formed; the unwanted bastard child of cause and effect.

What politicians refer to as emerging public policy, or progressing for the public good, others refer to as Problem-Reaction-Solution, modelled on the Hegelian dialectic of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. In other words, the political elite have an end goal, they create the problem to elicit a predictable response, and this provides the perfect environment to usher in new rules and policies to attain their end goal. It’s a case of making the evidence fit the crime.

If we take the rioting, which is spreading across the globe as the ‘problem’, which is already being met with the predictable, programmed, relied on ‘reaction’, one needs to take a moment – a small pause – for reflection on what the end goal could be. What ‘solution’ do the Stooges have planned?

I’ve never been moved to contemplate the eating habits of a dung beetle, similarly, trying to predict the cognitive creations of the mentally and criminally insane amongst our politicians is simply not my field of expertise.

However, I do have a growing unease on a couple of issues which warrant consideration.

If the riots are in response to feelings of oppression and a ‘tightening noose’ around our necks from a police state exceeding its mandate, then I have some bad news. These riots are going to bring more police, more state oppression, an acceleration of the noose tightening, more Draconian policies, restrictions of freedoms, erosion of liberties and surrendering of prescribed rights. Not possible? Think ‘Patriot Act’ and ‘TSA screening’. Enough said.

The other issue which is creeping in to view, with Fabian-like qualities, is the return of capital punishment. The EU brought it back in the footnotes of the legal labyrinth entitled the Lisbon Treaty. The Department of Propaganda is already planting the seed, with clinical efficiency via the ‘Mainstream Media’. Gradualism is alive and well; the mind influencing apparatus is well and truly oiled and greased with the cogs turning effortlessly.

Don’t think it’s a viable policy change?

Look for yourself. Read recent articles and see how ‘capital punishment’ is being introduced as a ‘solution’ to the riots. Unnamed sources or ‘public opinion’ will be accredited with this alleged growing, consensus opinion. Watch as various ‘media’ outlets conduct unofficial polls, to ‘measure public opinion’ on this single issue. The results of the polls are irrelevant, notwithstanding the published results are more than likely to be bollocks anyway, its the introduction of the question that is the relevant act of gradualism. Planting the seed. Desensitising the population. Boiling the frog.

Surgery is scheduled and the anaesthetist has just pulled into his allocated parking spot.


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  1. suedenimon says:

    Wonderful stuff you have here ..great piece thanks, I enjoyed reading that!

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