BBC propaganda attempt … FAIL!

The thin veneer masking the BBC as nothing more than the Propaganda Agency for the Policy Merchants is well and truly peeling off.

It’s actually embarrassing to watch, as it becomes more and more of a farce, despite it’s protestations and ‘spin’ of being a credible news source with an alleged reputation the envy of many around the world.

Global reputation; yes.

Credible; no.



The following video is both a testament to the modus operandi of the BBC and a stark reminder that the BBC no longer engages in reporting the news, as much as it shapes it, defines it, slants it, corrupts it, makes it, bends it, distorts it and misrepresents it.

Watch as this helpless presenter, not once, but twice fails to besmirch the interviewee. First attempt is when she brazenly tries to twist ‘not shocked’ into ‘condoning’, and then, as she knows the propaganda efforts have gone horribly awry, she then confirms herself as nothing more than a whorish hack as she labels the interviewee as a man with a history of being a rioter himself.

The BBC is a joke.


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