Anarchy; awesome! … now what?

The growing global tension, the riots, the financial cracks widening to chasm proportions; ’tis a time of change and ripe for revolution.

Many, who decide to cheer the events on from the comfort of their armchairs, smirk at the establishment getting a taste of what, possibly could come. Imaginary fists raised in the air as a sign of defiance and brotherhood and silent cries for ANARCHY! … followed by another sip of warm tea and a piece of Mother’s shortbread.

Bring the MoFo’s down!

Stop the NWO!

Power to the people!


So let’s allow our revolutionary minds to wander, and for a moment, consider the world without the dastardly, corrupt system of governance that enslaves the billions for the benefit of a handful of political elite. Fantastic; I’ll buy that for a dollar! We have catapulted ourselves, en masse, to a post-revolution world, void of political corruption and greed, with the authority back in the hands of the little folk, from whence it came.

Now what?

The system has come crashing down, the bankers have been hung, drawn and quartered, the politicians have been roasted alive after a public disembowelling, lobbyists have been castrated, tarred and feathered and hung from lamp-posts around all major cities, the Pope and the Vatican Rota and all hangers on have been defrocked, adorned with lipstick, lacy panties and thrown to the biggest and meanest sex offenders that could be collected at such short notice for a bit of ‘pay back’, the various monarchies have been sent scurrying to far flung fields with nigh a trust fund between them …

Now what?

It’s a question that needs to be asked … and answered.

In my experience, whenever I have asked this very question, it has usually been met with two responses;

“Ummm … don’t know.”

“That’s not important; we’ll sort that out once we get there.”


Hold on, let me think about that again for a moment; no.

No, no, no,  no, no. … No!

That’s unacceptable, unrealistic, incompetent and just down right bloody stupid.

The ‘revolution’ is only the beginning. Too many are dreaming of it as the ultimate end. Without a cohesive plan of what happens post-revolution, it isn’t a plan. It’s myopic and a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

I personally have nothing against the current system. In fact, I’d go as far to say, it’s brilliant. Yes, you read that correctly, the current system is brilliant.

By system, I mean framework. The structure. In terms of the ‘ethos’ and the way in which the system is being misused; it blows goats.

For me, ‘revolution’ means removing the parasites from the host’s body.

I have no need for the host to be destroyed; it serves no purpose. The host is actually what needs to survive. It’s what is needed post-parasite cleanout. For example, the notion of having a parliament is actually a pretty good idea; in theory. It’s how the current parliament has become diametrically opposed to the ideology that needs correcting. Banking services, in theory, provide a service a community needs in order to function. The fact that they have become Dens of Iniquity for the morally devoid and highstakes gamblers is a different issue. Police; who would argue that a community or society doesn’t require Peace Officers? The problem is not the system; the problem is how the system has been misused and corrupted for the benefit of a few. As much as I ‘choke on these words’ as I type them, even a system of law would be beneficial, but with a strict caveat, that it would no longer be a self serving ‘Boys Club’.

Here’s something to chew on; I don’t even have an issue with there being a New World Order.

But again, I’m looking at Big Picture, not buying in to the much maligned and emotionally charged imaging of the New World Order that is stuck in the throat of the majority of revolutionaries, ready to be projectile vomited with enough acidic bile to melt steel girders in World Trade Centre buildings.

When this revolution is successful [See. earlier presumptive premise], the post parasite removal world WILL require a system; dare I say it, order. If the revolution is global, which most would agree it needs to be, then this order would need to be on a world scale. Logically, if it is replacing the old, then it is going to be new. So it will be on a world scale, it will be new and it will bring post parasite order. So, not being glib; it will be a new, world order. A New World Order is not only preferable, it is needed. Armchair Revolutionaries and Keyboard Anarchists are just going to have to suck it in and deal with it. Drop the bullshit and grow up. It’s not about having no NWO; it’s all about WHICH New World Order to usher in.

The one envisioned and designed by the political elite?

Or the one “We, the people” can bring in to existence?

On that note, one of the ONLY ‘post parasite’ systems I am aware of is the UCADIA model, as presented by Frank O’Collins. In terms of its planning, depth and ‘total solution’ ideologies, I am not aware of it having any peer. Granted, it’s not to everyone’s tastes. Much of it has been described as ‘too heavy going’ or ‘too difficult to comprehend’. Maybe those are fair observations, but then again, if you’re developing a world system to replace one that has served its purpose for over 500 years, would you truly expect the ‘solution’ to come on the back of a cereal box? So the vast information of UCADIA may scare a few away; that’s more than likely one of the ‘knowns’ in its design. However, in terms of demonstrating the sheer volume, dedication, forethought and planning that is required to provide a viable, realistic alternative, it stands alone on an incredibly barren landscape.

You want revolution? Cool.

You want to rid the host of ‘the people’ of the malignant parasites? Excellent.

You want to do it without pre-planning the post parasite system? Go directly to jail … do not pass Go … do not collect $200. You’re playing a game.

When there is no post revolution plan, there is no plan.

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