Glorified bully boys in blue … thugs in uniform

There are some events that define history.
There are moments when history should be defined.

There are over reactions, under reactions and inappropriate actions.

The times we live in now have the potential to define, not just these times, but the ones to come. Some have described it as the ‘tipping point’. Many are pointing to 2012 and the many different interpretations that has, for millions of people, around the world, from numerous cultures and belief systems.

For me, this ‘time’ is being defined by the lack of empathy, common sense and honesty from those who presume to have authority, as well as the inexcusable level of apathy from those without the presumption of authority, who, quite frankly, should know better.

I find the combination of immorality and apathy to be the source of intense frustration at times, which can even manifest as anger.

This footage, from the recent Manchester riots, angers me; for many different reasons.



I’m angry at the Police involved for their actions; they’re nothing but thugs in uniform. There is no excuse … none … for the Police to knock kids off their bikes and put the boot in, which they clearly do.

I’m angry because there are obviously some who have already labelled the kids on bikes as ‘looters‘ and have taken some joy and comfort in the actions of the police; essentially believing that the kids “got what they deserved”  and thuggery, when meted out by the Boys in Blue, is acceptable.

Even if the kids were looters, under no circumstances are the Police

justified in kicking someone when unarmed and down on the ground.

It can not be justified; it can not be tolerated. 


I’m angry that the BBC has jumped to defend the Police in this footage, again, allegeing the kids were looters … as if that automatically gives the Police the right and the justification for knocking people off their bikes, hitting them with batons, shields and kicking them while they’re down.

I’m angry that noone has bothered to ask a simple question; “if these kids were truly looters, then where is the ‘loot’?”

From the footage, I can not see any of those on bikes carrying loot, I can not see any ‘loot’ hitting the road when those knocked off their bikes hit the tarmac.

While the uniformed thugs are kicking the crap out of them, I don’t see the bully boy pigs stepping on any ‘loot’, nor do I see them tripping on any ‘loot’ debris.

When the aforementioned bully boy pigs have done bashing the first biker down, and after having thrown a Size 10 steel cap into his ribs and kidneys enough times, I don’t see either the thugs nor his fellow gang members stopping to recover any ‘loot’.

In fact, if these ‘kids on bikes’ truly were looters, they might possibly go down in history as the worst looters ever, because not only did they get beaten up by some uniformed thugs who were obviously ‘out for serving up a good ol’ bashing’ and had a taste for blood, but they got beaten up for looting when they sucked at it and had no ‘loot’ between them. Not one item … at least that’s what the footage would strongly suggest.

Look at the video again; do you see any ‘recovery of stolen property’ going on? or do you see a gang of thugs, dishing it out and putting the boot in, ‘cos they were up for a bit of physical violence?




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