Terrorist attack on Zliten: questions that demand answers.

In every conflict, there is a tipping point.

It might be a specific battle, a particular event, a negotiated agreement, a pact; it takes various forms, but signifies a moment in time when there is a momentum shift.


I hope and pray, with every fibre in my being, that August 09th 2011 is the date recorded in history as the day that shift in momentum took place, with Zliten being its location.


When it comes to the Terrorist campaign being waged by NATO and its paid Libyan mercenaries, the TNC, their illegitimate acts and criminal activities ares being carried out under the protective cloak of media sanitisation. Seldom do we get to see or hear anything other than has been selected for us to consume. Our banquet is of the buffet variety, in contradistinction dining a la carte; we’re served up a generic fete that both serves the ‘house’ economically and administratively. Sure, we have a choice of what to consume, but only from a very limited and self serving selection. We are certainly not presented with a full compliment of options from a comprehensive menu.

From the a la carte menu comes the following;



[Youtube link if no video image is showing.]

There is nothing about the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation’s actions in Libya that are warranted nor are they legitimate.

If there is any justice left in this world, a Libyan victory and repulsion of the terrorists will result in War Crime convictions of NATO’s leaders and the Government Officials and Agencies that endorsed its bloody war on innocent civilians.

The wholesale slaughter of 85 civilians demands it.

One Response to “Terrorist attack on Zliten: questions that demand answers.”
  1. Rainbow Warrior says:

    The US and NATO certainly have fabricated a lot of lies about Libya. The spokesman is right about their lies. What I know about Libya is they have treated their people rather well. Probably better then Americans are treated by their government. Libya is a progressive in many areas. Education , healthcare and women’s rights. NATO isn’t saving anyone, they are destroying a country as they always do. Everywhere they do people die and the economies are also destroyed. Life does not improve for the civilians it gets worse.

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