Western Democracy: when your vote means nothing.

I’m on a bit of a ‘mission’ lately; exposing the EU as a malignant cancer and a stepping stone for the political elite in its Enclosure efforts of the entire planet, to create one single Union, governed by one ‘local’ council.

Make no mistake; that is the ‘end game’.



Enclosure has been done before – very successfully for the political elite, throughout history. It is annexation of your heritage, by those in seats of power for those in seats of power.

One only needs to look back at the history of the UK to see how the Enclosure Acts were used to disenfranchise the Common Folk from their heritage, stealing the land by appropriation and annex, placing those lands into the hands of the Landlords, who had also seized Parliament, and from there, able to craft statute rules to protect their claims and to further promote future plans with the sole intent and focus on their own personal gains and benefit.

The history books are there for all to read and the dots available for all to connect.


The establishment of the European Union and the United Nations are simply the use of the same template used in the 17th-19th centuries, which laid the foundation for the establishment of the United Nations in the 1940’s, hidden under the blood soaked cloak of WWII.


The only question we truly need to focus on at this point is; “Can we ‘Opt Out‘ of the EU?”

Europhiles would jump up and down screaming “NO!”, and gesticulating wildly, protesting that what is done, is done.

Eurosceptics would laugh at the hysterical antics of the self serfving Europhiles, and equally emphatically answer “YES!”

So can we?
Not ‘should we’ or ‘would we’; CAN we opt out?



For an answer – not THE answer – but an answer, the following can be found on democracymovementsurrey.co.uk;

The EU – Superstate or Free Trade Partner? We Can Leave.

EU leaders are determined on political union. This is clear from the way the Lisbon Treaty and the Constitution were driven through, ignoring their rejection by popular votes in Ireland, France and Holland. Polls show that almost no-one in the UK wants political union, and more and more want us to leave. The politicians tell us that leaving the EU is unthinkable. They are wrong.

We can leave the EU, and have a free trade agreement with them. We would prosper outside as a free and independent country, trading with every part of the world, as we have always done.

Of Course we Can Leave – our Parliament is Sovereign

We can leave the EU, because no UK Government can bind its successor. We are subject to EU rules only because UK legislation says that we are. Statutes are passed through Parliament to implement each EU treaty. These statutes require UK judges to have regard to EU law in making their judgements.

Repeal this UK legislation, and we are free. EU law no longer applies to us. The debate with the EU would be about how best to manage our leaving, not whether we can leave.

We don’t have to pay anything to leave. In fact we will stop paying into the EU budget – more and more every year.

We Can Leave the European Union – and Still Trade Successfully with Them

EU Leaders are Determined on Political Union

EU supporters claim it can be reformed. They don’t see that the EU cannot turn its back on the basic principle on which it has worked from the start – “ever-closer union”.

Too many political reputations have been based on unquestioning support for the EU. Too many vested interests do too well out of it. Political union is wanted by the politicians of Europe, but not by its people, and certainly not by the British people.

Why the politicians are so determined is an interesting question. Is it socialism by the back door, a lucrative retirement home for discredited politicians, or a yearning for a post-democratic age, without all that annoying accountability?

If we stay in the EU, we will eventually be dragged into a political union few of us want. It is inevitable that we leave, sooner or later.

The British Don’t Want Political Union – or the EU

Polls on the European Union show that more and more British people want to leave the EU. An Angus Reid poll in July 2011 showed that in the event of a referendum on the UK’s EU membership, 49% of Britons would vote in favour of leaving the EU and 25% would vote to stay in. Any advantages once thought to derive from EU membership are now far outweighed by ever-increasing disadvantages. Few of us are enthusiastic about keeping 54,000 Brussels bureaucrats in luxury, or paying an extra £10 a week in higher food costs because of the CAP. We could make much better use of that money ourselves.

The EU Admits it Faces Economic Decline

All forecasts predict economic decline for the EU – this chart is from the European Commission itself. The single market and the euro have failed to boost EU trade, jobs and economic growth, according to a devastating report from an official French think-tank, which includes 40 of France’s best-known economists. “Economic Policy and Growth in Europe”* was published in 2006 by the Conseil d’Analyse Economique, chaired by Prime Minister de Villepin. It says “economic integration has stagnated and no longer promotes growth. The Euro’s creation has not produced the knock-on benefits expected… The inability of the EU to revive the economy turns investment away

This damning verdict comes from the most ardent pro-EU country, which has imposed its will in countless EU negotiations.

Free Trade with Europe – and with the World

If we left the EU, we could negotiate a free trade agreement – what most of us want. Why should they refuse? We buy more from them than they buy from us – our trade deficit with the EU is over £3bn every month. They already have free trade agreements with countries as diverse as Switzerland and Mexico – why not with us?

Trade barriers have come down across the world – trading blocs are now much less important. We have the fifth largest economy in the world – not much smaller than China’s (which overtook us in size not that long ago).

We have traded worldwide with great success for centuries.
We have excellent contacts with up-and-coming regions like India and China, and with the US.

Do we want to shackle ourselves to a declining Europe, or go where the opportunities are? Three quarters of our overseas investment each year is outside Europe. British businessmen may talk about Europe, but they invest their money where they see growth and profit – outside the EU.

Other countries do very well outside the EU.

  • Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world, is surrounded by EU countries, and trades with them far more than we do. They are staying outside and keeping the Swiss franc, a strong currency which serves them well.
  • Norway flourishes outside the EU, despite grim warnings from their politicians of dire consequences if they failed to vote to join.
  • Countries as diverse as Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and India all have smaller economies than ours, yet all manage somehow to trade with the EU and the world without being in the EU.

Are we so uniquely weak and useless that we cannot do the same?

They say we must have a voice in how the EU sets its rules. Why? The Americans and Japanese have no say in our rules and regulations, and we have none in theirs. It doesn’t seem to stop them trading with us.

A country’s size has no relation to its prosperity – the four richest countries in the world are Norway, Switzerland, the US and Japan. The EU is large, but old-fashioned, bureaucratic, corrupt and inefficient. It still thinks Government knows best. We learned the hard way that it does not.



The EU ‘loses’ €1.3 billion per annum to waste and corruption.
It’s estimated that for every €5 of funding, €1 goes in to the back pocket of politicians and officials.



The EU accounts have not been ‘signed off’ for 15 years.
There will be some who could [and do] vehemently argue this point, stating this is a myth which has been debunked, basing their claims on the technical fact that whilst the EU ‘books’ are indeed ‘balanced’, it is the payments that have not been given an ‘assurance’ by the Auditors, due to some legal technicality and unrealistic standard of accounting out in place, in the EU rules and procedures.

What that means, in ‘man on the street’ terms, is the EU Commission knows to which members it apportioned the funding, it just doesn’t know what happened to it from there.

So the accounting ‘headlines’ are ‘signed off’; i.e. X amount to Member A, Y amount to Member B, Z amount to Member C … that all ‘balances’ … but with no guarantees or assurances that X+Y+Z to A, B and C, was actually used for its intended purpose, in the amounts funded.

Which, as a ‘Parliament’, handling funds of ‘taxpayers’, it is obligated to do. It is the trustee, with a fiduciary duty to account for every €uro that it administers. Claiming or feigning innocent ignorance just doesn’t wash. Balanced books my ass; no assurances for 15 years from the Auditors is all we need to know. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck …



We have the likes of the ‘never elected with a popular mandate’ Baroness Ahston of Upholland, who it would appear is paid €750,000 per annum plus a very nice pension plan to boot.



The Kinnocks – Neil and Glenys – made it a family affair when it came to dipping their snouts in the EU trough; to the estimated tune of £10,000,000.




And please; don’t get me started on this parasitic piece of €urotrash.



What do WE get out of the EU?

A European Democracy that is a democracy where the votes of the public mean absolutely nothing. They’re either totally ignored, or when the vote doesn’t mirror the wants of the political elite,  like a wayward student who is punished by having to do a ‘rewrite’, the voters are simply told to ‘do it again until you get it right!” We saw this with Ireland, who upon handing in a “NO!” to the Lisbon Treaty, was sent to the Dunces Corner, made to wear a hat, and had to do it again until it delivered work to the teacher’s expectations. In other words, do it again until you do it right.



Switzerland has been a perennial favourite in Detention Hall. It’s already been given five rewrites. A resounding “NO!” has been delivered each time, and yet still they come back for more, demanding more verification, or maybe just biding their time until a moment of weakness arises and the “NO!” is returned as a “YES!”, which will herald in a bolting of the gates, with the “YES!” being hermetically sealed in Pandora’s Box, never to see the light of day. Just as the UK public has very recently been told by Prime Minister, DJ Dizzy Dave, that the EU vote in 1975 for Trade issues was in fact ‘the referendum’ and the only one the UK public was going to get. “You had your vote 36 years ago” … it’s just a pity that no voter under the age of 55 had that vote, and it was for a completely different issue than the one being discussed in 2011.



European Democracy; the democracy you have when your vote means nothing, funding does not need to be accounted for, the swine enjoy thrusting their snouts into diamond encrusted troughs of gold for years and those in power require no popular mandate to govern.

Makes Libya look like paradise.

2 Responses to “Western Democracy: when your vote means nothing.”
  1. rmiglobal says:

    ‘They’ won’t see it till it smacks them in the face. Keep up the great work 😉

  2. suedenimon says:

    Our government seems to be making it a habit to be where they have no popular mandate to take us…from Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya and the EU they are constantly doing the exact opposite of the will of the people, it is surely time they were held to account!
    PS can you please substitute a picture of an elephants arse for any further Ashton pics as the latter make me feel physically ill, cleaning projectile vomit from my computer screen and keyboard is both time consuming and an expensive hobby!

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