What happens to Libya, happens to you.

No apologies; this is a ‘rip and read’ post.


I have come to the conclusion that what is now happening in Libya, impacts on us all. If we allow, through our tacit agreement, granted by a apathy and silence, to condone the acts of Terrorism conducted by NATO, CIA and the TNC, then we have no right to then complain about the gradual erosion of our ‘rights and liberties’.


Do you genuinely believe the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation War Crimes don’t interefer with your cosy life?

You’re wrong.


If we just sit back, doing nothing, saying nothing, learning nothing, questioning nothing, analysing nothing … then nothing is what we get. Actually, nothing is what we deserve.


Libya is being ‘stolen’. Libya’s people are being murdered; innocent men, women and children killed, maimed and tortured. This Holocaust – this disgusting campaign of aggression – is being done with the [claimed] nodding approval of the United Nations, and it is being done through your minds, by the complicit mainstream media and all its cunning machinations of propaganda dissemination.


Where once I thought I’d make a point of not just cutting and pasting onto this blog, there are some posts which you simply can not add to nor improve. The following piece from Lizzie’s Liberationsite is one of those which deserve to be unmolested;


Libya diary: Clearing up the latest media rubbish on Libya

August 16, 2011 by lizziephelan

While the journalists suffering from cabin fever in Tripoli’s Rixos hotel, publish their dreams that imperialism’s lackies (the rebels/rats) have taken Zawiya, Ghuriyan and Sorman, they are ignoring a decisive moment in the crisis.

That is the liberation of the hitherto rebel-held area of Misratah. Last night the Libyan army moved into the centre of the city and now the rebels are trapped between Misratah and Tawergha. 75 per cent of the city has been secured including the port, which was a lifeline for the rebels to receive shipments of arms and other supplies, as well as being a key transport route for them.

This was confirmed today by government spokesman Dr Moussa Ibrahim AND at a press conference by tribal leaders of up to 200 Libyan tribes. This includes four of the leaders of four of the largest Libyan tribes which make up half the Libyan population: Wafalla, Tarhouna, Zlitan, Washafana. They have all supported leader Muammar Gaddafi.

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4 Responses to “What happens to Libya, happens to you.”
  1. Nunc says:

    CORRECTION ON “Libya Diary: Clearing up the latest rubbish on Libya”

    August 16, 2011 by lizziephelan

    In the last entry I falsely stated that Ghuriyan was secure. Ghuriyan is currently under intense NATO bombardment, and clashes with the rats continue.

    During a press conference of tribal elders yesterday, the local tribes in the Ghuriyan area requested that the Libyan army step back in order to try and let them take control of the situation and give the rats an opportunity to surrender their weapons and cease the fighting.

    Apologies for the confusion.


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