West vs The Rest: Which version of spin do you believe?

The acts of terrorism unfolding every day in Libya are deeply disturbing.
Deeply disturbing.


Logic and law dictates that the daily atrocities committed by NATO, the CIA and TNC  should not only be repelled by the world for the heinous acts of aggression they are, but also tried as War Crimes, with the perpetrators and promoters – both military and political – held accountable. This includes all Presidents, Prime Ministers, Executives and Cabinets who condone these breaches of humanity and sanity.


That NATO et al do not have the mandate of the Libyan people, is not in dispute.


Even the most hardened and belligerent of pro-NATO sycophants know this to be true. The overwhelming majority of Libyans do not support NATO’s support of a non-Libyan ‘rebel’ group; a point often lost in the reports, so let me spell it out very clearly.

The majority of members in TNC, are not, themselves, Libyans.
They do not represent Libya.
They do not act for Libya nor Libyans.


They are not conducting a ‘civil war’, for a civil war requires two domestic combatants. The TNC is not ‘domestic’. It may have Libyans amongst their ranks, but the majority of its members are not Libyan, it is not funded by Libyans and it does not carry with it the minds, thoughts, hopes and opinions of the majority of Libyans. It is a foreign, mercenary cell of terrorists. Funded by the looting of Libyan accounts that were frozen by interested parties who are TNC supporters, armed by the CIA, supported by NATO and predominantly manned by Egyptian rebels who fight for financial gain, not the moral or political cause.

There is nothing about the NATO capaign that is legitimate in terms of echoing the will of the Libyan people.


The fact that NATO has recently targeted water and power supplies, to “break the people”, as has been quoted from an unnamed NATO Commander, demonstrates that NATO has long forgotten its U.N mandate of ‘protecting civilians’. Not only has NATO bombed, maimed and killed civilians, it now specifically targets civilian water and power supplies to ‘break’ the will of the people; an admission by NATO that they have never had the will of the Libyan people.



Gadaffi armed the people against the NATO terrorist attacks.
How could a leader do that if he did not have the support of the people?


But to highlight the spin and to clearly demonstrate the influence of the media and the role they are playing in this, let’s compare Western media reports versus the rest of the world …


From China Daily;

London truth made simple

Since the passing of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 exactly five months ago, NATO has conducted many sorties in Libya killing hundreds of civilians.

As the resolution was passed specifically to prevent civilian casualties, the UN Security Council needs to convene a special session to discuss why NATO raids have killed so many civilians and stop allied forces from launching any more attacks.

The UN Security Council (UNSC) will be seen as failing to respond to the international community if it does not do so. Or, it would be seen as accepting the BBC-CNN definition of the “international community”, which comprises only the US and the EU. To these two news channels, any geographic space outside these two zones – with the possible exceptions of Australia and Canada – fall outside the “international community”.

Read more …


From the Independent.co.uk;

Gaddafi’s days ‘numbered’ as UN begins talks

The UN’s special envoy to Libya yesterday arrived in Tunis to step up pressure for what Tunisian officials called a “peaceful transition” from Muammar Gaddafi‘s 41-year rule as the US Defence Secretary suggested the dictator’s days were “numbered”.  […]

As the UN envoy Abdel-Elah al-Khatib, Jordan’s former foreign minister, began talks in Tunis, Leon Panetta, the US Defence Secretary, declared in Washington: […]

There was some confusion over the nature of the talks held by Mr al-Khatib in Tunis, with both the UN and rebel leaders in Benghazi denying reports that he was conducting negotiations with each side. The envoy himself declined to discuss who else he was meeting after talks with the Tunisian foreign minister Mouldi Kefi al-Khatib.

Read more …


From Pravda;

Libya, NATO and the sinister western media

NATO’s lies we have seen before. We saw them in Kosovo as they protected Albanian mafia terrorists and controlled the drug trade, we saw them in Iraq with Saddam’s non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, we saw it again with the invention of a casus belli against Libya which does not exist. But where do the media come into this? […]

[…] I never expected to see myself forced to get back into front-line reporting, finding myself obliged to re-enter the realm of what I term hoof-on-the-street journalism, fact-finding missions as opposed to the comfort of op-ed pieces based upon 35 years of experience. Yet due to the total lies, and, I am sorry, bullshit, in the western media, I find myself obliged to tell the truth, first because as a journalist that is supposed to be what we do; secondly because the name of the newspaper I write for, PRAVDA.Ru, means “truth” in Russian and thirdly, because not to do so is an insult to the brave young women and men, independent journalists, who are out there risking their lives getting us information. And what does the western “bought” media do? It twists the stories until they are unrecognisable and blows a raspberry in their faces.

Read more …


From CNN;

NATO cites ‘significant advances’ in Libya

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — Over the past few days, anti-Gadhafi forces have made “significant advances” — in the northwest and in the regions of Misrata and al-Brega — a spokesman for NATO’s military operation told reporters Tuesday.

Anti-Gadhafi forces are now assuming control of the key approaches to Tripoli,” said Col. Roland Lavoie, who described the advances as “the most significant anti-Gadhafi territorial gain we have seen in months.”

Since the end of July, as the threat from pro-Gadhafi forces has diminished, thousands of people have returned to their homes in the western Nafusa mountains, he said.

Since Friday, the northwest coastal city of Misrata has been free of pro-Gadhafi forces, he said. And the threat from nearby Zlitan has diminished as pro-Gadhafi forces are being pushed farther west, he added.

Read more …


From the The Nation [Pakistan];

When will Nato stop killing Libyan children?

The question is, when will NATO stop murdering Libyan children, when will NATO realise it made a monumental mistake in attacking Libya and siding with the “rebels” (most of whom are not even Libyan), when will NATO stop wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of its taxpayers’ money on bombing a country whose population stands with its leader?

 NATO has a fundamental and underlying problem: it is a fraud, a phoney organisation which has long surpassed the founding ideals of its existence. It was founded (wrongly) as a collective defensive organism quaking in its boots at the supposed Soviet threat. The Soviet military organisation was essentially defensive, and despite massive superiority, did the Soviet Union ever attack? No, it did not. It spent, in the 1980s, 250 billion USD in aid programmes in developing countries, where western countries had practised slavery and imperialist policies.


From Associated Press;

Rebels battle Libyan forces for Zawiya refinery

ZAWIYA, Libya (AP) — Rebels battled Moammar Gadhafi loyalists for control over Libya’s only functioning oil refinery in the western city of Zawiya Wednesday, as the opposition tried to cut off fuel supplies to the regime’s stronghold of Tripoli.

Rebel fighter Ramadan Keshada said his forces control parts of the refinery complex in the city’s north on the Mediterranean coast, while some regime troops and civilian workers remain inside. He said rebels and regime forces clashed there on Tuesday, then the opposition fighters pulled out at nightfall and made a new push in the daylight.

Read more …


From the Sri Lanka Guardian;

Libya: NATO Getting Desperate, Misratah Liberated from NATO/Terrorists

For some time now it has become apparent that NATO was getting desperate. First, the persistent loss of territory by the criminal gangs of foreign terrorists they back, then the disarray within the TNC (a gang of opportunists), then the flagrant breach of international law, the war crimes, targeting the Libyan water supply and electricity grid…

It is by now patently obvious that NATO serves as the military wing of the invisible lobbies controlling the banking, energy, telecommunications, drugs and weapons lobbies which in fact dictate the policies of the majority of western states and all of its member states’ foreign policies, without ever having been elected. It is also becoming increasingly obvious that NATO serves as a club to further the interests not only of these lobbies but also any politician in trouble, who is a member of the club.


See a distinct pattern here?

Western media support the NATO policy; the world media doesn’t.
What we’re fed by the media depends entirely on their policy bias. It’s not so much ‘reporting’, as it is influencing.


This is where discernment and ‘gut feeling’ really come to the fore.


Gaddafi arming the people of Libya rings loudly in the ear of my gut.
The CIA going in and supporting the ‘rebels’ also rings loudly.
NATO supposedly given a UN mandate to protect the civilians, and yet specifically targeting civilian infrastructure also isn’t feeling right.


I’m calling the Western spin as bullshit … more than that, I’m calling this entire Libyan fiasco as one of the greatest threats to you and me that we will face.




Because if NATO and its leaders feel they can invade a sovereign nation, with a popular leader – one who was about to receive an international award for humanitarian efforts, bomb and indiscriminately kill its people and write them off as mere collateral damage, try to remove its leadership, go against the will of the people, using foreign mercenary forces funded by the CIA and the looting of sovereign accounts dotted around the globe … where the hell does that leave you and me when these political terrorists descide to turn on the domestic dissenters rather than such a brazen, foreign act of aggression?


What chance do we stand if the Powers That Be decide our views don’t fit with their plans?


If this is what they do while the entire world watches, what are they capable of doing to their own ‘undesirables’?

This is why Libya is critical to our future; every one of us.


5 Responses to “West vs The Rest: Which version of spin do you believe?”
  1. fmakanda says:

    I think the most important questions to ask are:

    – How can the rebels be recognized by Western governments if they have not been elected by the people?

    That’s just my question…but there’s more.

    Gaddafi is also victim of his own demise. He could have stepped down too. He would have been portrayed as a hero, in some ways, since he brought some economic stability to the region. But, his lust for power took the best of him. Since these attacks, many fail to see that Gaddafi did a lot for the country.

    • Nunc says:

      Yes – agreed. You raise a good question. How can the TNC be recognised when they have no democratic mandate.

      Re: Gaddafi “stepping down” … why would he? Just because the U.S don’t agree with his domestic policies? When he holds 90% support from the people of Libya? Why would he step down?

      Do you suggest every political leader of every country step down, if Obama and Hillary publicly disagree with them?

      When Gaddafi armed the people, IF he had been a dictator or did not have overwhelming support of the Libyan people, THEN we would have seen an armed uprising by the people he had armed, against him. But we didn’t.

    • gerald says:

      It is incorrect to call Qaddafi, Leader. Qaddafi stepped down in 1977 as Leader, he is presently called Secretary, which is an elected position, not affiliated to any political party. He advises the Peoples Congresses. In Libya the people ARE the government. The style of government is called Participatory Democracy. http://greencharter.com is a website where one can read the Green Book which describes the philosophy. As I recall there are 2,000 Peoples Congress buildings around the country where the People meet and make governmental decisions. http://mathaba.net also has more information about the style of government in Libya in particular: http://www.mathaba.net/news/libya/ This statement: “But, his lust for power took the best of him.” indicates to me that you know nothing about Libya or Qaddafi.

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