Nigel Farage: the Euromystical Eurosceptic

The EU has its critics, althout how many, we’ll never know.   It’s not something the overwhelming majority of those living in Europe have ever been allowed to vote on, OR, when they do, and the result isn’t what the Eurocrats want; it’s simply ignored.   Sometimes things are best left unmolested, and in view … Continue reading

WTF?!?! … 30 September 2011

It’s now becoming glaringly obvious that we are under siege.   Your mind, your beliefs, the way you think – every thing to do with the way you live and view the world around you – is under attack and will be shaped, according to an elite few who believe they have not just the … Continue reading

WTF?!?! … 29 September 2011

Stop the world; I want to get off.   Is it just me, or is this world totally inverted and inside out? Daily, there are stories, anecdotes, headlines and political decisions which just make me shake my head and ask; WTF?!?!   So, I’m going to collate them here, on a daily basis. Keep checking … Continue reading

HEADLINES 29 Sept: Financial Tsunami Update

Headlines from the world of the Banking Organised Crime Syndicate and its associated parasitic industries, plus a bonus; the Kaiser Report’s ‘fleeing the flood’ – a necessary and logical consequence of a financial tsunami!   Eurozone Clegg warns of EU rupture over Euro as Merkel prepares to tackle rebellion: The European Union will “rupture” if … Continue reading

9/11 Conspiracy ‘Debunked’ by … Al-Qa’ida???

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, along comes the most incredulous, politically motivated piece of bullshit to hit mainstream media. The message isn’t new; neither is the messenger. But the combination of the messenger and the message? Now that IS something new!   Another group has joined the band wagon, calling for an … Continue reading

Ministry of Propaganda: BBC disinformation exposed.

Those who watched Alessio Rastani, the Independent Trader interviewed on the Ministry of Propaganda BBC recently, would have sat, open mouthed and shocked, as he announced to viewers that he dreams of a recession at night, because of the investment opportunities it presents.   Rastani’s “shock and awe” campaign didn’t end there; the Ministry of … Continue reading

HEADLINES 28 Sept: The Financial Tsunami Update

Quick headlines from the Banking Mafia and other Parasitic organisations;   Eurozone Germany slams ‘stupid’ U.S. plans to boost EU rescue fund: Germany and America were on a collision course on Tuesday night over the handling of Europe’s debt crisis after Berlin savaged plans to boost the EU rescue fund as a “stupid idea” and … Continue reading

The Federal Reserves Gift List: Who got what?

It wasn’t that long ago the world’s media headlines were screaming with news of the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve.   Whilst Bernanke squealed like a pig, the likes of Ron Paul and Alan Grayson attacked like a pack of rabid dogs with the scent of blood in their flared nostrils.   It … Continue reading

Would you want your daughter treated this way?

Police brutality? Assault? Appropriate action? Those are – more than likely – the ‘clinical’ and conditioned response questions we have been taught to ask.   In these malignant days of mind-numbing political correctness, we’re brainwashed into reducing all opinion down to the lowest common denominator of prescribed, legislated, cognitive thought and [non] emotions. Akin to … Continue reading

HEADLINES: The desensitising tsunami predicating financial Apocalypse rolls on …

It’s like being bound to a breakwater, whilst being pounded by a 24/7 tsunami onslaught. Wave after wave of constant battering by financial bad news; most of it Apocalyptic, with the only respite being the severity of the doom and the extent of the gloom.   Here’s a taste of the latest Aquatic Armageddon to … Continue reading