I’ve got a bad feeling …

I’m going to hate myself in the morning … and it’s not often I get a chance to think or say that these days, but this is one of those moments.


I’m about to take a leap of faith; faith in my gut instinct, by ‘going public’ with a feeling that is so ‘crazy’, that if the world, itself, wasn’t so crazy right now, I’d even consider locking myself up, to protect me from my own paranoia!

But I am going to do something new and untried; I’m going to make a public, published, prediction –  normally the stamping ground of gamblers and fringe ‘crazies’. Should we have a small side bet which one I am?


September 27th.

Mark it on your calenders.
Put a big ring around it.
Then, somewhere beside September 28th, put a small note; “leave a cheeky comment on Epinoiasphere, mocking Nunc as a crackpot”.



Because my gut tells me we’re going to see a False Flag Operation on September 27th.


Some background; I’m a “dot connector”.
That’s what I do; it’s what I enjoy doing.
Think of it as my personal Sudoku.


There are some serious dots lining up, and pieces of information that stink to high heaven, all of which tells me that some ‘higher level boffins’ either know something is going to happen VERY soon, or they are planning something VERY soon, and by soon, I am specifically talking about Sept 25th to 28th as the most probable, but I’m narrowing it down to September 27th for a specific reason, which is explained later.


You think I’m crazy … guess what?
So do I.
However, I have learnt to trust my gut.
It is seldom wrong.
In this case, I genuinely want to be wrong.


So you can exercise your own discernment, here is why I have this ridiculous feeling.


The Mainstream Media in the UK and Europe is wall-to-wall finance news; all of it, bad.
David Cameron has said that collapse is imminent.
The IMF has stated that the world economy is at tipping point.
The Fed’s latest moves have backfired.
The Eurozone is in crisis and the entire EU is predicted to collapse.
Sovereign default [nation bankruptcy] is predicted for the PIIGS [Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain] and probably the US too.
The banks are REFUSING to undergo reform.
China has been selling US Treasuries and buying gold.
Everyone has their hand poised over the panic button, and this financial meltdown is EVERYWHERE on the Mainstream Media.
This stinks to high heaven like plausible deniability or desensitisation … either way, a touch of Problem-Reaction-Solution, just to keep the War of Terror influencing our mind and our thoughts.


David Cameron has publicly stated that we’re all in the shit, and that urgent measures and legislation is required.
HOWEVER … the UK Parliament is about to take a holiday for two weeks. Make sense?
The Eurozone is on the brink.
Germany is by far the biggest player in the Eurozone, as are Germany’s banks.
HOWEVER … the Angela Merkel is about to take a holiday. Make sense?
The U.N: Empty schedule for a couple of weeks.
The U.N?
How can there be NOTHING happening at the U.N?


The US Congress; on holiday for two weeks.
Haven’t they just had a recess … why are they going on another break?
When their country is disintegrating around them and Wall Street is on life support, the Fed Reserve’s policies aren’t working … and they take a break? Make sense?


NASA, Department of Homeland Security, Justice, EcoSys, Communications, Energy … ALL scheduled to be in Denver for “conferences” or “symposia” at the same time.


Pretty much any ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ reading this will know the significance of Denver and its Airport.



At the same time everyone is ‘concidentally’ in Denver, the Department of Homeland Security has announced it will be running a DEFCON 1“maximum readiness alert drill”. This alone rings my warning bells. Why? because on 9/11, the Defence Department was running ‘exercises’ EXACTLY like 9/11 itself, which they claim ‘confused’ their defence systems. Not approximately – exactly the very same exercises as supposedly happened in reality; i.e. the Defence Dept was running exercises on commercial planes being hijacked and flown into buildings, on the morning of 9/11. What are the odds? On 7/7, the day of the London Bombings, Civil Defence was running identical exercises to the supposedly terrorist incidents. Again, not approximating the incidents, they were identical; i.e. train bombings on the London underground … but not just bombings in the underground, the ‘exercises’ were being run at EXACTLY the same stations as were actually bombed! What are the odds of THAT happening? Now combine them … what are the odds of the EXACT SAME exercises being run on the same day of the two biggest terrorist events to hit the Western world, not just on the same day, but identical events as the exercises being run? The odds are just too big for it to be a coincidence.


So why the long winded background and scene set?


Because the Department of Homeland Security has announced a DEFCON 1 “maximum readiness alert drill” on September 27th, which, by itself, might not sound strange – to most it won’t.


Having followed this stuff for years, whenever “exercises” or “defence drills” are publicly announced, my chocolate starfish starts twitching so bad, it feels like my ass is having an epileptic seizure.


But let me throw three more things in to the equation which just make no sense at all. Really. No sense.


1. It has been announced that President Obama will be at the Denver International Airport, officially overseeing this “maximum readiness alert drill”. That is total bullshit. Please – think for a minute – whenever there is a “threat”, what is the first thing they do with the President? They throw him into Air Force 1 and get him in the sky ASAP. The standard procedure is ALWAYS to evacuate the President and get him out of there. Have you EVER heard of the POTUS “overseeing” a Dept of Homeland Security “alert drill”? I haven’t; ever. He has advisers and he has a committee or Executive Group. But for the POTUS to be based at Denver International Airport [yes – the infamous Denver International Airport … war murals, Apocalyptic horse statutes, miles of underground tunnels and cables, etc, etc], overseeing a DHS drill? Nope; sorry … I’m not buying it.


2. Did you know that about two weeks ago, the DHS were running an earlier exercise? Did you also know that the DHS and local law enforcement involved in the exercise ‘lost’ their own bomb? I kid you not. The Department of Homeland Security lost its own bomb, at a drill being conducted at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ. I mean … c’mon … really? That’s almost as crazy as suggesting that Dick Cheney confirming that $2.3 Trillion has gone missing, and then the next day all the records are destroyed … oh wait … that actually happened …



3. In a report issued by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on September 8, the US government claims that it cannot account for or track thousands of pounds of “highly-enriched uranium and separated plutonium.” This nuclear material is “weapons usable”. No comment necessary, other than for years the ‘biggest threat’ that has been mentioned time and time again by the US Government Agency Fearmongers has been … drumroll … a “dirty bomb”. i.e. a bomb with nuclear material, that isn’t actually a fullblown nuclear weapon … a homemade version of one, using conventional explosives + nuclear material.


So what’s my crazy, wild gut feeling?
False Flag event, equal 9/11, if not bigger, on September 27th, to help usher in the measures required to introduce a global financial ‘solution’.
If I had to be even more specific, and was really pushed to guess what and where, I’d be tempted to say ‘dirty bomb in Washington D.C on September 27th.


Additional Information:

The United Nations has an empty schedule from September 23rd through October 10th, 2011.

The UK Parliament is in recess from September 15th through October 10th, 2011.

The United States Congress is on vacation from September 25th through October 2nd, 2011.

Germany’s President’s schedule is empty after September 25, 2011.

2011 ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource
September 25, 2011 – September 27, 2011
Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center
Denver, CO

The Coca-Cola Company, NatureWorks and Cereplast headline the Biopolymers Symposium
September 26-28, 2011

ControlLogix and RSLogix 5000 Training Seminar
September 27-29, 2011

September 26-27, 2011
PERPLEXING as it is a 17-hour Communications conference and is world-wide.

2011 Homeland Security Symposium
September 26-27, 2011
VIRGINIA – the bunker that was nuked?

6th Annual Biopolymers Symposium
September 26-28, 2011

Strategies for Justice Conference
September 26-30, 2011

2011 Kentico Connection – Denver
September 26-30, 2011

EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls)
September 25-26, 2011
ENGLEWOOD – 6 miles from DENVER

Annual Educational Networking Conference
September 25-27, 2011

NASA Lands in Colorado With International Space Station Events
September 21-27, 2011

A report from the European Union Times states the following:

A disturbing report prepared by General Alexey Maslov, the Senior Military Representative of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO, states that he has been notified by the Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which will be overseen by President Obama at one of the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport.

The CIA has been moved to Denver.

Denver has the second highest number of federal employees outside of DC.

Denver has the largest number of U.S. Government offices in the country outside of Washington, D.C.


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47 Responses to “I’ve got a bad feeling …”
  1. GG says:

    Ignore the EU Times, and What Does It Mean sites. Both are Sorcha Faal, a disinformation agent. His “reports” are always prefaced with some Russian report circulating in the Kremlin. That is his signature.

  2. Nunc, You’re not even a bible believer.. Do you know that Christians have been waiting for Sept. 28, 29, 30 for years as the day of the rapture? Do you have any idea of what you may be on to?

  3. Since 1860, government has been a mixture of manufactured crisis and threat of assassination . It is no coincidence. Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx were mutual admirers. Their correspondence is archived in the Lincoln Library. It is at that time that the struggle with the private bank interests tipped in the direction of oligarchy. From that point, the philosophy of the central banks, Corporatism, spread throughout the world. In fomenting overthrow and war, the central banks are taking t5he world into corporate oligarchy.

    “Government, being a magnifier of human nature is, in it’s best state, a sleeping murderer.”



  4. Greetings:

    I posted the link to this article on my own web site.

    I also added THE EPINOIASPHERE to the list of web sites I follow.

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

  5. Stark says:

    The world’s phucked and so are we. Have a nice day. Elenin (alleged ETA: 28 Sept)?

  6. J Gibbs, PhD says:

    B.S…. Got a $1,000 on it.

  7. 釈情 says:

    Ok, what to make of all this? Let’s put our thinking caps on. I think this has more to do with Elenin than a False Flag attack on DC. Here’s why:

    The UN is on vacation, as are Chancellor Merkle, the Royals and so on. It is likely that they know something we don’t and are preparing for the worst.

    These people in Europe are not going to be affected by a nuclear detonation or dirty bomb in DC.

    We have good evidence that Elenin is not a comet, due to the 6+ magnitude quakes on Elenin-Sun-Earth alignments. Based on that, it is likely that there will be another huge quake on the 27th – but where?

    It is rather difficult to predict what parts of the Earth may be affected. If there is a major quake in the Caribbean basin fault, could be a bad tsunami threatening the entire gulf of mexico, and / or Cuba and especially the Yucatan. If there is a quake affecting say the Canaries or Azores, the tsunami could threaten the East Coast of the US (and notably, DC), west Africa, and Europe. If the pacific is affected, which is most likely but not certain, we already know the the consequences.

    But it’s impossible to say what areas could be affected.

    The point of DUMBS in Denver is for continuity of government. It only makes sense that the important people (our rulers) would move to Denver in preparation of the possible devastation of DC. They are interested in saving their butts, pretty much as was revealed in the scenario we were shown in the 2012 movie last year. Even if they are not sure that anything will happen, they are still going to move, just in case.

    There is no point in panicking. If there is a quake or tsunami, no one knows where it could strike, and nothing can be done about it. Only the bluebloods can protect themselves; everyone else has to just hope for the best.

    To me, it just doesn’t make sense that that on 27th there will be both a massive quake AND a false flag attack. That’s just too improbable. Most probably nothing much will happen – maybe a big quake ‘somewhere’ – but really governments are obliged to protect themselves just in case.

  8. Rinny says:

    It will be blamed on Patriots or Tea Partiers…..wait and see.


    this is the BIGGEST pile of BS I’ve ever heard!!!

    • Nunc says:

      Fair enough.
      Yeah, let’s go with your evaluation; the ‘gut feeling’ is bullshit.
      I have no issue with that.
      As suggested in the blog, I concur.

      HOWEVER, the facts are the facts.
      The coincidences exist.
      DHS did lose a bomb.
      Nuclear material of weapons potential has “gone missing”.
      There is a confluence of highly influential organisations and individuals in Denver.
      That’s not bullshit; its verifiable fact.

      Now, in terms of the “BIGGEST pile of BS ever”?
      You flatter me.
      I would strongly suggest to you there are far more notorious examples to claim that title;
      1. 9/11 Commission Report
      2. Anthropogenic Global Warming, “peer reviewed” literature.
      3. The “Magic Bullet” defence argued for the JFK assassination.
      4. “Intelligence Reports” evidencing WMD’s.
      5. Resolution “justifying” NATO’s War Crimes in Libya.

      There’s 5 BIGGER pieces of BS, without even having to pause to take breath and think about them. The list could [and does] go on, and on, and on …

  10. jimmyCo says:

    20 minutes of web searches turned up the following:

    http://swampland.time.com/2011/09/06/with-congress-back-from-break-boehner-finds-himself-negotiating-at-the-brink-once-again/ According to Time, dated 9/6/11, this break was taken.

    According to thecapitol.net, the break of 9/26-10/2 is pre-planned in the annual schedule for 2011. http://www.thecapitol.net/FAQ/cong_schedule.html

    http://www.un.org/Docs/journal/En/lateste.pdf – Page 5 of the “Journal of the United Nations” [No. 2011/186], there are meetings scheduled for most days from Sep 29 – Oct 10.

    http://www.parliament.uk/about/faqs/house-of-commons-faqs/business-faq-page/recess-dates/ – Looks to be a scheduled “Conference” recess from 9/15 – 10/10 (Commons) and 9/15 – 10/3 “Summer” break (Lords).

    http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wkno/news.newsmain/article/0/3/1853671/World/Merkel.and.euroskeptic.allies.beaten.in.Berlin – Reuters article, dtd 9/18/11, stating a Bundestag vote to take place on 9/29, re: European Financial Stability Fund [a.k.a. Eurozone measures]. I can’t imagine that Merkel, given the beating her party has taken in the last year, is going to be out of pocket for this Bundestag vote.

    That said, I sure hope you are wrong.

    • Nunc says:

      As you quite rightly highlight, those breaks may indeed be genuine and scheduled.
      Simultaneously? Again, it could be argued that is is absolutely logical for Governments, in an era when international relations are to the degree they are, that governments are prudent to coincide breaks with each other. That’s a fair and valid point; no argument from me.
      However, it could also be also be argued that at this particular time, when global markets are collapsing, the Eurozone is on life support system, Sovereign default is a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’, the Fed is struggling to find enough fingers to put in the dam, Quantative Easing is the new drug, etc, etc … a simultaneous holiday by those G7 legislative bodies that, in reality, are literally holding the financial security of the world in their hands, isn’t exactly ‘good timing’, especially when there are some politicians who have publicly stated that the Eurozone only has 6 weeks before implosion point. To kiss goodbye to two, or three weeks of those isn’t exactly what we expect nor deserve from those who claim to be charged with our care and benefit.

      • jimmyCo says:

        Agreed! It is a lot of dots aligning. My grab-and-go is already in the car for today. Stay observant everyone.

  11. What a brilliant page!! The World IS Finally “Waking-Up!” But now it is imperative that we must all come together as one single voice and publicly expose these Zionist/Jewish Parasites who have stealthily orchestrated the entire worlds demise all purposely designed for their “New World (Parasitic and fanatical) Order!” If you do not understand yet that it is purely a devious Jewish plan; then look at: http://www.wake-upbeforeitstoolate.com and understand who owns/controls virtually every major corporation in the world from the food industry to fashion to media to government etc. etc. etc. This world-wide problem maybe paramount; but it is so easy to undo; purely, because it all can be linked back to the same group of psychotic individuals.
    “And the truth shall set you Free!”

    • Nunc says:

      Be careful with those ‘catchall prejudices’; not all Jews are Zionists.
      Just as not all unemployed are lazy bums, and not all ‘conspiracy theorists’, are terrorists and unpatriotic.

  12. moose says:

    Right or wrong, it was good post! We all need to follow our gut feelings. Living here in Mongolia,
    i found the links a blessing as I have very little time to surf or research.
    Thank you!

  13. smiller says:

    You have managed to list, organize and clarify all the dreadful things I’ve been worried about..and to see it all in writing is even more disturbing…you are right…I’ve got a bad feeling…;-(

  14. Mouse says:

    Mooo, the cows see nothing. The worst thing about this is the massive number of self-righteous fools out there nodding their heads in approval. Uh, yes, for the safety of us all. * you US fascist trash. We will fight you to the grave for our natural rights and freedoms (which flow not from you!).

  15. ChristyACB says:

    Getting close to 8 p.m. on the 27th. My “leave a snarky comment” alarm just went off.

    Good luck next time! Never ignore your gut, but this time it really was the spicy food. 🙂

    • Nunc says:

      😀 … fair point, and thanks for your mercy!
      I’m not too proud to ‘eat crow’ … still think the coincidences are weird.
      Also not overly happy with DHS losing their own bomb and nuclear material going missing.
      Memo to: Self
      Less Tex-Mex late at night.

      • goldbug36 says:

        I don’t believe in coincidences. I think they’re checking out their new digs beneath the unnecessary, way-over-cost Denver Airport. Na-ne-na-ne .. we don’t have any place to hide from them, now do we?

  16. moose says:

    Not to fret, could be in a day or two or a week, but something is afoot. Could be your article put the next false flag on hold………… it’s happened before

  17. What kind of nut uses white on Black, Russell? MY surprise today was that someone hacked into my e-mai and sent begging letters to everyon there, claiming I am stranded in Valencia, Spain, following a robbery, send money, which is ridiculous. Readers who know me realized immediately it is a hoax, not my style. For fun, the creep changed all my passwords and answers to security questions. This is not funny and neither is attempting to get into my PayPal account. Watch yourselfs. Linda Brady Traynham

  18. Tom says:

    If this were true, THIS SITE would be down NOW. This, and the others would have technical difficulties from which they would not recover. I think the best test of your theory is the publishing of it in a potentially hostile environment, and the continuance or dissolution of it.

    I think we are going to be fine…..

    • Nunc says:

      Re: Publishing in a potentially hostile environment 🙂

      All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions.
      Adlai E. Stevenson

      Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection.
      Neal Boortz

  19. Ronald Mallernee says:

    I’m curious if this “christian” group was the same one who predicted the last time, Most believers in Christ would tell you it would be the least likely day if someone predicted it. Also did ANYTHING happen today in regards to this?
    As another member pointed out, this site and any other dissenting site would have been blocked or otherwise kept offline if there was real trouble.
    For those of you who are true followers of Christ. You know we are told to watch for the signs. they haven’t happened yet, so keep watching. We are always one day closer but there is still a few things that need to take place before the tribulation and IF you’re right “the rapture’ Myself I am a firm believer in Post trib rapture as the bible teaches. and that is thanks to a pretrib preacher switching the order of the events in Matthew trying to show the rapture. If you are interestred and not just being arguementative you are welcome to question me about it. at zealot@post.com
    Rev. Ronald Mallernee

  20. StoneCut says:

    Ok, so it’s the 28th now and apparently nothing happened. So I guess you’re a lunatic, hehe. Are you happy that nothing happened or a bit bummed that your gut feeling may have been due to a bad meal instead ?

  21. Redacted says:

    I guess I would simply like to commend you for not being afraid to be wrong and not changing your story on the 28th simply because your intuition misled you. Like many people out here, our “guts” are on full alert because we know that and our fellow human beings are being controlled by manipulation and (through ??) deception. Please keep your scanners on maximum in spite of this particular non-event.

    • Nunc says:

      Thanks for your comment!
      Being wrong is part of experience, isn’t it?
      You learn more from being wrong, than you ever do, being right!

      The information is all around us; I just misinterpreted.
      Simple error; I surrendered to eisegesis in contradistinction to demonstrating exegesis.
      That’s just a really head-up-my-butt way of saying “my ego got in the way”.

  22. Drew says:

    You may have got the day wrong! all the signs are here! and yes of course something major is in the making and or, planning! They? are losing control of their precious herds! We? are turning on our shepards for taking the wrong direction towards the golden age!
    My gut feeling tells me implosion imminent!….wait a minute there is something on the horizon, it’s in the trees, it’s coming! no exact date!

  23. StoneCut says:

    Even if nothing really happened I also applaud you for leaving the article up. And if you have another gut feeling, do tell us. At least you’re not as vague as most other people “predicting” things.

    • Nunc says:

      Thanks. 🙂
      I haven’t even thought about taking it down, even though I was completely wrong with the false flag ‘gut feeling’ for September 27th.
      Personally, I think there is still too much relevant info in it that is worth keeping up.
      Not worried about screwing up; been wrong before, will be wrong again.

  24. Carlos says:

    It’s October 3rd, & nothing significant has happened YET. Maybe you’all might GET A LIFE??

  25. trev says:

    Good call, as to location and event just got the date wrong they (tptb), will nuke Washington to obliterate all evidence of the us gov’s complicity in 911. I can’t understand why all Americans aren’t demanding some explanation from your treasonous leaders you now live in a Nazi Fascist
    regime the founding fathers must be puking in disgust!!!!!

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