Would you want your daughter treated this way?

Police brutality? Assault? Appropriate action?
Those are – more than likely – the ‘clinical’ and conditioned response questions we have been taught to ask.


In these malignant days of mind-numbing political correctness, we’re brainwashed into reducing all opinion down to the lowest common denominator of prescribed, legislated, cognitive thought and [non] emotions. Akin to government issued Cyborgesque sympatico.

But when it comes to the actions of NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, the now infamous Occupy Wall Street Pepper Sprayer, I have a different litmus paper test; would ‘Tony’ want his daughter treated this way?


I know, for some, that’s a ridiculous ‘common sense‘ way of looking at it, but isn’t that the point of a so called civilisation? The application of common sense and common decency within a society?

But as Voltaire warned us;

Common sense is not so common.

… and as Victor Hugo noted;

Common sense is in spite of, not the result of, education.


At what point did we allow the ‘enforcers’ of Public Policy to move so far out of anticipated ‘social decency’, that police brutality, or unreasonable force has become the acceptable norm?

Not only acceptable, but endorsed.
When did the desensitisation begin, and when did it take hold?


All I can see when viewing the video of the incident is a small group of women protesters, in a controlled environment, already with their movements limited by more than enough police officers to comfortably deal with the situation. I saw no imminent harm to the officers; I saw no signs of threat or bodily harm coming to the surrounding boys in uniform. If anything, the women may have presented limited harm to themselves, but to no-one else.

For those that haven’t seen it, here is the video;


So why did NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna take it upon himself to approach the group, pull out his pepper spray canister and proceed to inflict pain and suffering on a group of women that posed no threat to him?

… and let us be clear; he approached a group of women, in a controlled and confined space … with intent to pepper spray them, and then to run away like a coward. They made no movements towards him. The confrontation between NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna and the women was all his own doing.

Would ‘Tony’ accept that if it were his own daughters?

I can’t even begin to comprehend his actions, which to be honest, I’m thankful for. My fear is if I could comprehend his actions, if I could feel the slightest twinge of empathy for his thought patterns, there is the tiniest and most remote risk that I could become like him.


Please; a plea to my friends and family. If ever … EVER … I show any signs of being similar to NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna; shoot me. Put me out of my anti-social, psychopathic misery.



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