WTF?!?! … 30 September 2011

It’s now becoming glaringly obvious that we are under siege.


Your mind, your beliefs, the way you think – every thing to do with the way you live and view the world around you – is under attack and will be shaped, according to an elite few who believe they have not just the authority, but the right, to play God.


The noose is tightening and the rules of engagement are becoming more and more Draconian.


People often jump up and down about the emerging Police State, or Fascism as they like to label it. Forget that; the biggest threat to you, your family, your values, your mind, is something a lot more nefarious, subtle and terminal. It is the suffocating Political State, of which the Police State is merely the publicly visible, militant branch. All of it is driven not by Fascism, Communism or any of those other Red Herringisms.


The Evil – the Dark Side – that which threatens everything you are is Intellectual Elitism.

That’s a whole separate blog article … so as they say, on with the show …




CHILDREN could be forced to attend compulsory lessons in “European citizenship” as Euro-MPs in Brussels draw up plans for pupils as young as five to be taught about EU “benefits” and encouraged to behave as “good Europeans”WTF?!?!


Debt crippled Greece runs out of ink; can’t print tax forms, to collect tax revenueWTF?!?!


Europe’s biggest banks are jeopardising a potential rescue plan for the single currency bloc by refusing to boost their loss-absorbing buffers – “no” to recapitalisationWTF?!?!


Spokesman for the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs storms out of TV Interview after being called an IDIOT … [VIDEO]WTF?!?!


Reported levels of suspected fraud and other “irregularities” in the European Union budget increased to £1.6 billion, up by 25 per cent from last yearWTF?!?!


CIVILIAN ARMY of thousands given authority to demand personal details and penalise those who do not comply with policyWTF?!?!


Teacher punishes student for saying “bless you” when a classmate sneezesWTF?!?!


EU demands that migrants qualify for claiming UK benefits, as soon as they arriveWTF?!?!


Eurocrats propose to enforce a speed limit of less than 20mph in all residential areas of the European UnionWTF?!?!


Teachers express ‘fury’ and fears over new system giving parents their ‘power back’WTF?!?!


Schools to be judged and punished according to the progress of gay, lesbian, transexual, bisexual and gypsy studentsWTF?!?!


UK Health service gets a financial boost with a new … lottery???WTF?!?!


Obama self loathing Black American? Tells Black Caucus to “stop complaining” … something he would NEVER have the kahunas to say to Hispanic, Jewish or Gay groupsWTF?!?!


46 year old man finds, then throttles 13 year old boy in revenge-attack, after being beaten in an online video gameWTF?!?!


FBI has commendable record of preventing terrorist attacks … of its own creationWTF?!?!


BofA, Wells Fargo, Citigroup Left TARP Early To Avoid Restrictions On Executive PayWTF?!?!


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5 Responses to “WTF?!?! … 30 September 2011”
  1. Drew says:

    Force fed propaganda has averse reaction!…..Revolution!!!

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