WTF?!?! … 01 October 2011

Mainstream Media reaches new low; “Gold backed by nothing – US Dollar backed by the government” [VIDEO]WTF?!?!


Tony Blair considered ‘persona no grata’ – described as being Israeli Diplomat, rendering his role as impartial mediator untenableWTF?!?! [what took them so f***ing long??]


Broken Nation: UK is the worst place to live in Europe for quality of life, behind PIIGS economies such as Spain, Ireland and ItalyWTF?!?!


Prophets Of Doom: 12 Shocking Quotes From Insiders About The Horrific Economic Crisis That Is Almost HereWTF?!?!


Common food preservative promotes cancer cells and destroys healthy onesWTF?!?!


HMRC drops Bank of England for RBSWTF?!?!


£50,000 price tag for ‘face time’ with Prime Minister: 70 people City figures and industrialists ass kissers parasites willing to payWTF?!?!


Mayor Bloomberg gives his verdict on what is wrong with America: YouWTF?!?!


Lifestyle ‘is better in Poland than Britain’: Less crime and violence – and it’s cheaper tooWTF?!?!


The Conservative Party has become reliant on the financial sector for more than half its annual incomeWTF?!?!


George Osborne the Angel of Austerity Measures … the Bullingdon and the night Rothschild was revived by his butlerWTF?!?!


Britain is still overwhelmingly white, Christian and robustly heterosexual, despite what the Ministry of Propaganda BBC wants us to believeWTF?!?!


Supermarket giant Tesco sues Police for £3m following riots, using Victorian legislation: Police warn they can not afford itWTF?!?!


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