WTF?!?! … 02 October 2011

The Marines are heading to Wall Street … TO PROTECT THE PROTESTERS against Police Brutality!WTF?!?!


Proposed European Financial Stability Facility [EFSF] is like ‘a ponzi game’, with near bankrupt countries borrowing from themselvesWTF?!?!


Single dose of hallucinogenic ‘magic mushrooms’ “may alter personality forever”WTF?!?!


New privacy concerns: Facial recognition software can instantly identify someone by taking a photo as they walk past in the street, and matching that to their Facebook pageWTF?!?!


FINALLY! … House of Commons to vote on Europe referendum … BUT vote will not be binding on government?WTF?!?!


ANOTHER satellite to crash land soon, and the odds of it hitting someone are even higherWTF?!?!


Denmark introduces world’s first ‘fat tax’WTF?!?!


The US state department warns that their killing of key al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki has RAISED the risk of global violenceWTF?!?!


Home Secretary Theresa May wants Human Rights Act axed .. WTF?!?!


Texas Governor Rick Perry – who is seeking the Republican nomination for US president – has said he would consider sending American troops into MexicoWTF?!?!


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