WTF?!?! … 03 October 2011

Stop the world; I want to get off!




Two years after the scandal, 100 MPs are STILL using Commons expenses to pay family membersWTF?!?!
Comment: Pigs stuck at the trough


Russian Oligarchs duel over billions in London High CourtWTF?!?!
Comment: Zionist Mafia meets Putin‘s Money Launderer


Goodbye, mother and father! Now Parent 1 and Parent 2 appear on PC passport formWTF?!?!
Comment: [Political correctness? Don’t get me started …]


‘I don’t want to leave the EU’: PM will NOT support a referendum on UK membership even if MPs vote in favour of one … WTF?!?!
Comment: Democracy? What democracy?


Tesco’s “Price War”: where shoppers pay MOREWTF?!?!
Comment: ‘Price War” that costs you more? Like most things Zionist; why let the truth get in the way of a good story?


A hands-free green man…so devout Jews can cross the road without breaking a religious lawWTF?!?!
Comment: The New Jerusalem slowly starts to take shape … the Friends of Israel will be pleased …


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