WTF?!?! … 04 October 2011

Civil disobedience, that’s not our problem. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.

~ Howard Zinn



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Natural birth putting mothers and babies in danger? NHS questions ‘obsession’ of rejecting drugs and surgeryWTF?!?!
Comment: So nature is now deemed to be “a dangerous obsession??” Beggars belief …
Roman Abramovich operated as a ‘political godfather’WTF?!?!
Comment: So Russia operates like Washington D.C and Westminster? What’s the big deal?
Workers will have to pay to bring unfair dismissal claims and will not be able to do so unless they have worked for the employer for at least two yearsWTF?!?!
Comment: Right … so now you have to PAY for your rights? And there is a minimum period of two years? CUE: Hire & Fire policies at 18-22 months]
Public budgets saddled with the cost of propagating private wealth; The euro debt crisis must force a re-evaluation of capitalismWTF?!?!
Comment: FINALLY the notion of Corporate Socialism is questioned – the anti-Robin Hood tyranny – robbing from the poor to keep the rich in legislated opulence.
Is The CME’s 150% Hike In Gold Collateral Just A Ploy To Increase Amount Of Legally Confiscatable Gold?WTF?!?!
Comment: Interesting that the precious metal just got a massive stamp of approval from a hotbed of financial organised crime … someone is positioning themselves for a gold grab of epic proportions
Company that offered employees $10 to guess next worker to be firedWTF?!?!
Comment: That’s nothing! Wait ’til they announce their $100 for the next cancer victim sweepstake or the proposed Xmas Lottery of “Which employee will be the next one molested and groped by a drunk boss at an office party”. Laugh a minute at this workplace …
Market Snapshot: Financials Flop, Credit Collapses, S&P Closes At 2011 LowsWTF?!?!
Comment: Crisis? What crisis? Double dip recession? Naaaah … leave it the banks and the markets; they’ll fix it …
Former Israeli minister Tzipi Livni to visit UK after change in arrest law; Critics claim change in law governing arrest warrants for war crimes is motivated by political pressure from Israel … WTF?!?!
Comment: Pffffffttttt … like we didn’t see THIS one coming … Zionist Blackmail 1 – Will Of The People 0
‘Vivacious’ grandmother who was at risk of malnourishment died after NHS staff ‘forgot’ to insert feeding tube; in hospital for FOUR DAYS before being fedWTF?!?!
Comment: Don’t tell me this is due to budget limitations. Four days without being fed?? C’mon …
Bureaucrats in Geneva want to abandon GMT as the world’s standard time; abandoning the spin of the earth for atomic clocksWTF?!?!
Comment: Do NOT underestimate this “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. It is a massive change, effectively a “hand over” to the EU body politic [Vatican] of all sovereignty.
Infuriated senior Tories accuse David Cameron of using ‘weasel words’ to duck a referendum on Europe, even if the idea is backed by MP’sWTF?!?!
Comment: Democracy? What democracy. If Cameron rejects an MP vote, he rejects the entire illusion of ‘representative government’. Watch this space.
Amanda Knox aquited because prosecutor was a Conspiracy Theorist obsessed with to obsession with Satan rituals?WTF?!?!
Comment: Gotta love this one – the Prosecutor is under the spotlight for being a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ who believes [shock horror] there is something ‘strange’ in the JKF murder and that Satanic ritual killings take place …
George Osborne yesterday urged European leaders to tackle the single currency debt crisis by EXPANDING the continent’s bailout fundWTF?!?!
Comment: Good on ya George … more bailouts; just what we need … NOT!
NHS Trust destroyed patient records; 10,000 records, which should have been kept in a DEDICATED STORAGE AREA, were put in a DISPOSAL ROOMWTF?!?!
Comment: MEMO TO: All Dipshits In Charge, SUBJECT: Disposal means disposal, storage means storage … it’s not rocket science.
House of Lords urged to throw out the government’s health and social care bill; senior doctors and NHS workers say it will do “irreparable harm to the NHS, to individual patients and to society as a whole”WTF?!?!
Comment: Speaking of the NHS, it might be time Cameron and Co get their ears checked – they’re showing a measurable inability to hear the ‘will of the people’ … or maybe wilful ignorance?
Russian and American Yeti hunters join forces to track down ’30-strong Siberian tribe’WTF?!?!
Comment: Oh, this should be a good distraction for a while … aliens, Elenin and now Bigfoot … anything to fill the front pages and divert attention …
Bahrain jails 20 doctors for ‘treating protestors’WTF?!?!
Comment: Another perfect example of why ‘politics’ is an aggressive, malignant cancer, when exercised by any group which act according to anything other than the will of the people.
Body of American loner obsessed with the Queen lay on park island just 100 yards from Buckingham Palace for THREE YEARSWTF?!?!
Comment: Good to see security is on top of things …

Remember: WTF?!?! is updated constantly throughout the day,
so be sure to come back for the latest WTF?!?! Headlines!

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