These pages are gifted as thought starters; as a questioning mind raising some opinions from which to launch your own exploration of that which is around you.

I make no claims of the contents being the Truth; only you can decide what is or is not your Truth. Wherever possible, opinions will be supported with citations and ‘hard evidence’, but as knowledge and discernment grows, so does the ability to accept that which is self evident Truth; that which is known instinctively in contradistinction to that which is rationalised.

Why rely on others to tell you that which you can discern for yourself?


I know, I know … it all sounds a bit ‘touchy feely’ and flies against everything we’re currently ‘taught’, when ‘evidence’ is demanded by a world with science as its new Mega-God.


Call me old fashioned, but I’m still partial to a bit of common sense and exercising one’s own mind. I never did buy into the whole ‘parroting’ and ‘repeating’ bullshit. My mother always used to laugh/complain that my favourite word as a lad was “why?”


There are some things you never grow out of.


Experience has taught me that ‘gut feeling’ is invariably correct. It’s not often your intuition and instinctive knowledge lets you down; second guessing it does.


What experience has taught me, I now trust. When I smell bullshit, I do my best to watch where I’m treading, so as not to step in it. Particularly with the prevailing political percept, not stepping in bullshit requires complete focus!


Anyway; that’s what Epinoiasphere is ‘About’.
One man, his mind, his opinions.

Comments welcomed; discussion encouraged.


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