WTF?!?! … 04 October 2011

Civil disobedience, that’s not our problem. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the … Continue reading

WTF?!?! … 03 October 2011

Stop the world; I want to get off!   WTF?!?!   Two years after the scandal, 100 MPs are STILL using Commons expenses to pay family members … WTF?!?! Comment: Pigs stuck at the trough   Russian Oligarchs duel over billions in London High Court … WTF?!?! Comment: Zionist Mafia meets Putin‘s Money Launderer   … Continue reading

WTF?!?! … 02 October 2011

The Marines are heading to Wall Street … TO PROTECT THE PROTESTERS against Police Brutality! … WTF?!?!   Proposed European Financial Stability Facility [EFSF] is like ‘a ponzi game’, with near bankrupt countries borrowing from themselves … WTF?!?!   Single dose of hallucinogenic ‘magic mushrooms’ “may alter personality forever” … WTF?!?!   New privacy concerns: … Continue reading

Politics, n: Poly “many” + tics “blood-sucking parasites”

Terrorism and brainwashing; two specific terms most of us are, on some level, familiar with, and can picture in the theatre of our minds.   The words evoke specific, emotionally-charged images, which themselves are a specific, predetermined, intentional, purposeful, conditioned response, through generations of mind manipulation, education and influencing.   The terrorism we face today … Continue reading

WTF?!?! … 30 September 2011

It’s now becoming glaringly obvious that we are under siege.   Your mind, your beliefs, the way you think – every thing to do with the way you live and view the world around you – is under attack and will be shaped, according to an elite few who believe they have not just the … Continue reading

The King Jesuits Bible 1611: a 7 year homage to the god of deception, ambiguity and fraud

I know there has been a HUGE amount of discussion and debate over whether or not we are seeing the “End of Days” and the fulfilling of prophecy. This brings in wonderful notions such as The Rapture, Apocalypse, Salvation, the Chosen, Sin, Evil, etc, etc. The subject matter of biblical proportions … [pun fully intended] … Continue reading

Better to go Hungary than eat Monsanto food.

Bully boys Monsanto were recently given a tap on the nose by a Hungarian flyweight.   It won’t leave them bloodied. I dare say it won’t even leave them teary eyed. More a little startled and rudely awoken from their arrogant apathy. One punch does not a boxing match make, but at least there are … Continue reading

Business is business is business is …

Cancer is a serious business; that’s in the video title. Noone would be foolish enough to rebut the statement; Cancer is both a serious subject and a highly profitable business. Not for the patients; you’d be hard pressed finding any ‘profit’ for the patients for all their suffering and stress. However for the Cancer industry, … Continue reading

Got haemorrhoids? Go see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

One would hope that when determining whether one is insane or sane, the decision or determination is in the hands of a trained professional who is familiar and skilled in the intricate workings of the mind. Right? So why then is sanity and insanity a legal term? There will be some who instinctively reject that question as … Continue reading

When freemen became slaves

The sight of shackles, as worn by slaves, would be one of the most emotive images known. Most meet this image with negative feelings, which for some, are incredibly strong. So how would you react if you were told that this image is directly linked to that which is in your best interests?   Ever … Continue reading