WTF?!?! … 02 October 2011

The Marines are heading to Wall Street … TO PROTECT THE PROTESTERS against Police Brutality! … WTF?!?!   Proposed European Financial Stability Facility [EFSF] is like ‘a ponzi game’, with near bankrupt countries borrowing from themselves … WTF?!?!   Single dose of hallucinogenic ‘magic mushrooms’ “may alter personality forever” … WTF?!?!   New privacy concerns: … Continue reading

The Recession: a trader’s wet dream

History shows that the Great Depression was an orchestrated, intentional manipulation of economies by the banking elite, and the raping and pillaging of savings from men, women and children.   This is not some crazy conspiracy theory; this is documented fact.   What about now? Is it deliberate? [that’s a rhetorical question by the way … Continue reading

Life’s a riot: what a capital idea!

The images of the London riots are there for all to see, as a shocking testament to where we find ourselves now. Economic crisis, austerity measures, diminishing confidence in the police, politicians and the legal system; it’s essentially a breakdown of society as it awakens to the disappointment of an ineffective, bloated State, bursting at … Continue reading