The Federal Reserves Gift List: Who got what?

It wasn’t that long ago the world’s media headlines were screaming with news of the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve.   Whilst Bernanke squealed like a pig, the likes of Ron Paul and Alan Grayson attacked like a pack of rabid dogs with the scent of blood in their flared nostrils.   It … Continue reading

The Recession: a trader’s wet dream

History shows that the Great Depression was an orchestrated, intentional manipulation of economies by the banking elite, and the raping and pillaging of savings from men, women and children.   This is not some crazy conspiracy theory; this is documented fact.   What about now? Is it deliberate? [that’s a rhetorical question by the way … Continue reading

Fed-Ex delivers a pearl of wisdom.

This is a quickie … You could probably call it a Fed-Ex Express delivery. I was compelled to post something after hearing Alan Greenspan’s latest wisdom of financial management.┬áThe topic on NBC’s Meet the Press was the U.S debt and the downgrading of U.S Treasury Bonds from a triple-A rating. Greenspan, the former Chairman of … Continue reading