Politics, n: Poly “many” + tics “blood-sucking parasites”

Terrorism and brainwashing; two specific terms most of us are, on some level, familiar with, and can picture in the theatre of our minds.   The words evoke specific, emotionally-charged images, which themselves are a specific, predetermined, intentional, purposeful, conditioned response, through generations of mind manipulation, education and influencing.   The terrorism we face today … Continue reading

Got haemorrhoids? Go see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

One would hope that when determining whether one is insane or sane, the decision or determination is in the hands of a trained professional who is familiar and skilled in the intricate workings of the mind. Right? So why then is sanity and insanity¬†a legal term? There will be¬†some who instinctively reject that question as … Continue reading