HEADLINES 29 Sept: Financial Tsunami Update

Headlines from the world of the Banking Organised Crime Syndicate and its associated parasitic industries, plus a bonus; the Kaiser Report’s ‘fleeing the flood’ – a necessary and logical consequence of a financial tsunami!   Eurozone Clegg warns of EU rupture over Euro as Merkel prepares to tackle rebellion: The European Union will “rupture” if … Continue reading

The Federal Reserves Gift List: Who got what?

It wasn’t that long ago the world’s media headlines were screaming with news of the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve.   Whilst Bernanke squealed like a pig, the likes of Ron Paul and Alan Grayson attacked like a pack of rabid dogs with the scent of blood in their flared nostrils.   It … Continue reading

HEADLINES: The desensitising tsunami predicating financial Apocalypse rolls on …

It’s like being bound to a breakwater, whilst being pounded by a 24/7 tsunami onslaught. Wave after wave of constant battering by financial bad news; most of it Apocalyptic, with the only respite being the severity of the doom and the extent of the gloom.   Here’s a taste of the latest Aquatic Armageddon to … Continue reading