WTF?!?! … 29 September 2011

Stop the world; I want to get off.   Is it just me, or is this world totally inverted and inside out? Daily, there are stories, anecdotes, headlines and political decisions which just make me shake my head and ask; WTF?!?!   So, I’m going to collate them here, on a daily basis. Keep checking … Continue reading

West vs The Rest: Which version of spin do you believe?

The acts of terrorism unfolding every day in Libya are deeply disturbing. Deeply disturbing.   Logic and law dictates that the daily atrocities committed by NATO, the CIA and TNC  should not only be repelled by the world for the heinous acts of aggression they are, but also tried as War Crimes, with the perpetrators … Continue reading

Western Democracy: when your vote means nothing.

I’m on a bit of a ‘mission’ lately; exposing the EU as a malignant cancer and a stepping stone for the political elite in its Enclosure efforts of the entire planet, to create one single Union, governed by one ‘local’ council. Make no mistake; that is the ‘end game’.     Enclosure has been done … Continue reading

Fighting the NWO: over 60 years too late.

To fully comprehend where we are now, we need to take a trip back in to the 19 c., to a time where most of today’s legislation was at its moment of conception – the time at which the bastard seed of today’s political monster was spilt by the land-grabbing Landlords, Law Lords and political … Continue reading

North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation: War crimes by committee.

As reported recently in the ‘Mainstream Media’, a group of countries has ‘recognised the TNC as the legitimate government’ of Libya. According to such illustrious outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, this includes ‘giants’ such as the U.S. Who cares?!?! It’s Irrelevant and meaningless. I don’t care if all 200+ members of the United … Continue reading

Unlawful Slavery abolished … to usher in Lawful Slavery

Ask any one if slavery has been abolished, and I would suggest that the overwhelming response would be a resounding “Yes!”. But has it? Before we can answer that question, it would pay to define the word ‘abolish’; a·bol·ish     /əˈbäliSH/   verb. Formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution) Seems self explanatory: … Continue reading